We work to develop a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable supply chain and to create shared value together with our suppliers. Our purchasing processes, based on the business model adopted by the Group, are founded on a set of principles for corporate social responsibility and values. 

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Building a Better World Together

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We aim to integrate sustainability into all aspects of the business to reduce the impact of our activities on natural capital and generate social benefits for all our stakeholders.

For Sofidel, sustainability is a strategic lever for growth and development. This is a vision fully in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It is a commitment stemming from the system of principles and values that guide our approach to business. All with the aim of building an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future for people and the planet.

We have always worked with our suppliers to encourage them to adopt sustainability policies. We carefully assess the environmental and social performance of our supply chain with the aim of jointly identifying risks, challenges, and common solutions.   
We have drawn inspiration from the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact to develop a system for pre-qualifying our suppliers (Self-Assessment) based on four parameters: working conditions, respect for human rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. Moreover, we have developed a rating system which puts each supplier into a different category (green, yellow, and red) based on the score obtained during the pre-qualification assessment.  



“sustainable” and “excellent” suppliers

in terms of sustainability (2022)


of monitored expenditures has “excellent” suppliers

in terms of sustainability (2022)

Procurement model certified every year

according to UNI ISO 20400 on sustainable procurement policies and supplier awareness


the Sofidel ecosystem
for sustainable

Ariba is the digital platform that enables a transparent dialogue with our suppliers. 
The tool generates an organized information flow and converts it into insight supporting increasingly informed decisions. Ariba encourages sustainable procurement with three key processes:

- Vendor management: this helps us to define our suppliers’ identity cards through a process differentiated by type of supply and a sustainability self-assessment. It is the tool we use to mitigate risk in the supply chain.

- Sourcing: this allows us to manage the entire offer cycle and to track the main negotiation phases. It is the tool we use to ensure transparency and objectivity in the allocation of supplies.

- Contract management: this allows us to consolidate the supplier’s commitment, not only in commercial terms but also from the viewpoint of ethical and sustainable conduct, through the adoption of standard models. It is the tool we use to manage the entire lifecycle of our contracts.


Code of Ethics and
Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Two documents underlie the conduct of everyone who works with Sofidel. We want to encourage dialogue and collaboration with our suppliers to develop lasting relationships based on trust and transparency. The starting point for sharing responsibility towards people and the planet. 

s3 logo



This is the award that the Sofidel Group presents to suppliers who stand out for their social and environmental sustainability actions. It is a unique opportunity to grow and share best practice to build a better future.

We established the Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award (3SAward) in 2016 to promote and enhance responsible supply chain management. The award offers recognition and visibility to the most sustainable suppliers and support to those who are working to improve 
their performance in terms of sustainability. 

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of pulp certified
by independent third parties
under forestry
certification schemes

Pulp is the main raw material for the production of tissue paper for hygienic and domestic use. Since 2016, 100% of the virgin fibers used in our production processes have been certified by FSC®, PEFC™, and FSC®-CW. In 2022, over 84% of pulp purchased was FSC® certified

Fighting climate change

Leader in supplier engagement

For years, Sofidel has been recognized as a global leader for supplier involvement in the fight against climate change. We achieved the highest rating (A) in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) “Supplier Engagement Leaderboard 2022”.

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Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

Targets to 2030


reduction in Scope 3 CO2 emissions, related to our suppliers’ pulp operations, per ton of paper by 2030 (compared to 2018)


reduction in Scope 3 CO2 emissions per ton of paper by 2030 (compared to 2018)


reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions per ton of paper by 2030 (compared to 2018)

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Qualifying the second- and third-tier supply chain 

To encourage sustainability throughout the purchasing chain, we want to extend our pre-qualification and assessment system to second- and third-tier suppliers. The first step, to which we are committed from 2021 onwards, is a supply chain screening of our tier-one suppliers. Our goal is to trace the supply chains of products deemed most critical in terms of environmental and social responsibility. 

FUTURE Magazine

Building a Better World Together

Our ‘Future’ online magazine features engaging stories that focus on sustainability around the world with the aim of promoting inspiration and dialogue across the Group’s suppliers, and contributing to sharing knowledge to building an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future for people and the planet.

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